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Discover the Reason Why Most Marketing Doesn’t Work

Everybody wants to do better in business. We all want to see something dynamic happen. We all want to grow.

We deliver an informative and engaging 30 Minute Keynote that will explain why most marketing doesn’t work. We’ll also show you the 7-Step Framework and why it has helped over 3,000 companies and business leaders this year.

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We’ve had business leaders and companies host our informative Keynote and invite their business colleagues to attend the session. We welcome your decision to invite guests and colleagues if you so choose.

You’re Going To Feel It In Your Bones

Conventions and events often feature guest speakers that deliver general repackaged information that just doesn’t deliver.

What the next convention or event needs is content that engages and inspires.

Our 30 Minute Keynote is guaranteed to:

  • Deliver engaging content your audience won’t find elsewhere
  • Inspire people with authentic take-away information
  • Connect with people and the goals of the event

Most companies and business leaders waste an enormous amount of money on marketing. When we deliver this Keynote and tell people why — they’re going to feel it in their bones.

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Imagine. 30 Minutes will deliver the strategic knowledge you should have before you invest more money into marketing.

Our 30 Minute Keynote is an engaging and informative session that you won’t find elsewhere.

Or, if you would like to see the 30 Minute Keynote at an event or convention in your area — please forward the event coordinators contact information to us.

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Three Things Your Website Must Include

When you’re fighting the waves in a sea of commonness, the odds are against you.

Turn the tide and ride the wave with a website that will outmaneuver and outperform.


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