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Does The Best Always Win?

Very seldom does the best always win. Think back to the time when Dell Computers was dominant over then spiraling underdog Apple Computer.

How is Apple positioned today? Where is Dell Computers positioned today ?

Apple didn’t sell the very best products. But when Steve Jobs returned he built a brand that was the easiest and simplest to understand with the clearest marketing message that we connected with. We understood Apple’s message the fastest. We  connected with how Apple products played a role in our individual lives and stories. As their reported revenues and astronomical rebound statistics indicate — Apple’s clear and compelling messages worked.

People seldom buy the best; they buy what’s easiest and simplest to understand. People don’t usually purchase the best products and services… they buy what they understand the fastest.

If your message isn’t connecting with your audience there’s a reason. It’s more than likely the same mistakes we pinpoint all the time:

  • Your marketing message is confusing
  • Your message doesn’t connect with the customer; they don’t understand the role your company plays in their story
  • You haven’t clearly communicated your role as a guide who connects with the customer dilemma, who lays out the steps and calls them to action

Unless your marketing message is clear; unless it is simple and easy to understand  any marketing collateral you generate will likely fail.

Have you calculated how many missed opportunities you’ve had if your message isn’t connecting with your audience? Think about that for moment.

As you’ll likely agree with us; most marketing doesn’t work. It shouldn’t be that way; your marketing investment ought to generate the results, but dollar after dollar the results just aren’t there. Don’t waste money on marketing anymore. We use a 7-Step Framework that is the most proven system to engage people by clarifying compelling communication that works.

We help businesses and various organizations to:

  • Create their brandscript that clarifies who they are, what they do and how they play a role in the customer’s story
  • Implement lead generating processes
  • Create compelling copy for marketing collateral

Leverage the expertise and experience of RIPLINE.

Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Understood.



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